Corporate Responsibility
With that in mind, K Road's business practice requires a continuous evaluation of each opportunity by applying four basic principles to assure success:
  • Act with integrity
  • Be environmental stewards
  • Respect the traditions and heritage of all stakeholders
  • Create meaningful shareholder value
William Kriegel
Founder, Chairman, and CEO

CEO Message

World energy consumption continues to grow and with it energy demand continues to outpace supply. In The United States, where we consume more electricity per capita than any country in the world, we continue to be under supplied in many regions. That said, most developed nations including Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom are challenged with the same imbalance.

As a result many parts of the world are grappling with the cost of developing new sources of supply. In the past we may have taken for granted an inefficient energy production and grid transmission system that is subsidized by the long term health of the environment, however, for the protection of future generations we can no longer afford to do so.

Currently power prices in North America only partially account for the social and environmental costs of producing electricity. Whether or not you believe in the effects of greenhouse gas production on global climate change, we must all agree that environmental contamination of any sort should be priced appropriately if we are to rely on our market economies to rationalize behavior and shift to sustainable practices.

So what are we to do? We must certainly first and foremost reduce consumption through greater efficiency. In addition, we must account for the true costs of both our use and our electricity production which will in turn also curb demand.

At the same time, advance technology applications in distributed generation, renewable energy and storage present intelligent, environmentally and economically sustainable solutions to meeting the global growing demand for clean and reliable energy.

The K Road team is committed to leading in this new energy environment through its all distributed energy focused platform. K Road DG utilizes over 100 years of collective experience in conventional and renewable energy markets to develop partnerships with sustainable, economically sensible and environmentally responsible distributive generation and energy storage projects that will help narrow the global power imbalance and reach grid parity for distributive generation technologies.

K Road has built a corporate culture founded on the tenet that environmental stewardship, greenhouse gas reductions and respect for community heritage are prerequisites for a sustainable energy future. We leverage technology advances and evolving power markets to create substantial shareholder value while keeping to the principles of our corporate culture.

In 2014 the drivers for distributed generation and smart grid solutions are extraordinarily compelling:

coal-based generation is under siege due to the disproportionate production of air, land and water emissions including extraordinary volumes of greenhouse gases;
nuclear power production is in a state of disarray as the industry struggles to cope with its ever present and daunting security and health challenges;
natural gas-based generation, while the appropriate and most likely base-load replacement for coal and nuclear options given the vast domestic resource, may face headwinds from permitting constraints and cost uncertainty.
power markets as a result will continue to drive to greater efficiencies through distributive generation and storage for low cost environmentally driven generation, demand response, peak shaving, load shifting and other techniques for bringing balance across the grid.
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